The way I see it:

Intellectual humility is a mindset. It doesn't come by default, as it challenges our sense of identity and our need to be right.

Intellectual humility forces us to reconsider our particular and biased view of the world, the same way science does, by first, recognizing and owning our intellectual limitations, and prioritizing pursuing deeper knowledge, truth, and understanding.

All our initial, automatic, responses and reactions to an external argument out of our belief system are shaped by our preferences, identities and prior opinions, always prioritizing our own needs.

As we equate "being wrong" to put into question what we believe in, and by so, our own sense of identity, we feel threatened.

The immediate reaction is to defend ourselves by being less concerned in knowing the truth than on being right, and to surround ourselves with people who think just like us.

Those are Ego-defensive reactions.

But this is a trap. Do we want to be right, or we want to know the truth?

The video below, based on the research article written by john Templeton Foundation, explains it clearly.



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