Coaching is a highly powerful and effective work methodology. It is designed for anyone who needs to change and is willing to commit to it.

If we understand how our “software” functions by default, and given that our brain is wonderfully malleable, we can learn and train ourselves to choose the way of thinking that is most effective for us and our lives.

coaching recovered olga sasplugas


When the body is your work tool 

If you have always understood life through physicality, it is extremely difficult to conceive of existence without the involvement of the body. Just as we have to rehabilitate our body when it suffers an injury, we also must train the mind so that it can adapt to this change of paradigm. We need to reprogram the way we perceive life and identify ourselves in it in order to be able to imagine another reality.

Coaching can help people for whom the body is or was their primary work tool and due to a temporary or permanent injury, have had to change their way of thinking and living or are facing long periods of physical rehabilitation.

coaching creativo


Artists or collectives embracing a creative process

One of the most difficult creative processes is to turn abstract images and ideas into concrete visions and images and to connect the small scattered elements in our thoughts and transform them into something new and valuable.

Methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lateral Thinking can help artists and artist collectives embracing a creative process examine, structure and further their creative development through discovering new ways of generating, devising and composing possible realities. Through coaching, you will be able to expand, explore and calibrate different creative visions and create from a new place.

coaching jubilados olga sasplugas


Beyond the working life

To develop the life skills you’ll need after you leave the regular workforce requires structure, strategy and adaptation tools for this change. Retirement or stopping working on a daily basis also demands mental training to be able to redefine a new life at this new stage. For this reason, you need to be prepared to adapt to this new scenario and be equipped with the tools and skills that will allow you to enjoy it.

People who are facing retirement and need to restructure their life according to their new situation can benefit from.

coaching lengua nativa


In your mother tongue

Coachees are coached in the language in which they express themselves, think and feel so that the process of change they are undergoing unfolds faster, more intimately and more effectively.

Coaching is provided in Spanish, Catalan, English or French, either online or face to face. (+) Read more


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