Assuming that Change is a difficult endeavour, approaching a changing process in a language other than your mother tongue, just adds adversity to an already arduous task.

We think (and dream!) in the language in which we usually communicate. If to this process of converting thoughts into a verbal structure, we have to add the struggle of translating them into a non-native language, we can get lost in the imprecision and baulk the necessary intimacy that we need to be able to work together.

I don't speak your mother tongue perfectly, but you do. So let me be the one to make the effort to convert my ideas into your language, so that you can simply concentrate on shelling your thoughts and your needs.

The sessions can be face-to-face or online and conducted in Spanish, English, Catalan or French.

What kind of Coaching

If we understand how our “software” functions by default, and given that our brain is wonderfully malleable, we can learn and train ourselves to choose the way of thinking that is most effective for us and our lives.

My Methodology

Here we work together. All sessions are based on the fundamental techniques of coaching within the framework of neuroscience and the brain’s biology as well as on innovative methodologies such as Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving and Lateral Thinking.

If you want to know more about how I work as a Coach and my Methodology + Read more


Let's work together

Let's work together

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