i love you

Evolutionary anthropologist Anna Machin, who studies the genetics and neurochemistry of love from a wide perspective, has it clear: “Love is so important, that evolution has seen fit to engage every mechanism in your body to make sure you’re as close and bonded as you can be.”

Let me tell you, we humans are


we only learn when we repeat

Before we could enjoy a free, secular modern education, religions were the one that dominated pedagogy and literacy all over the planet. Religions were the ones that taught people basic concepts about ethics, purpose and the meaning of life.

Not saying here that religions ever knew the nuance of how the brain functioned (thank God!), but they had an extensive experience in how


why we should get bored

We, as humans, desperately try to avoid boredom as if it was the black plague (or to be contemporary, the coronavirus).

We are scared to death of being bored, of having nothing to do, because, at the end of the day, we are terrified to spend time alone with our own thoughts.

While we keep busy escaping from that scary boredom, we forget to appreciate the huge repercussions

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