the power of regret

That awful and scary feeling that we all suffer in silence and we can't get rid of.

Regrets suck.

We regret in the present an action (or more properly an in-action) that happened in the past, and our inability to change it drags us downward to a spiral of guilt and self punishment. But I am coming here to say that regret is too, a useful and necessary emotion, and so defends


cognitive bias

Although, a cognitive bias – also known as psychological bias – it's defined as the tendency to make decisions or to take action in an unknowingly irrational way, I would like to add something in their favour.

A mental bias it's also a shortcut that your brain uses to get quickly to an


why life is not a journey

In a beautifully illustrated episode of After Skool, British philosopher Alan W. Watts eloquently states why life should not be considered a journey because by doing so we are missing the point the whole way along.

Curious in finding


that chatter in your head

We all talk to ourselves. We need to! We do it in order to remember things, to plan, to solve a problem, to project and evaluate different scenarios... When doing something difficult, we mentally walk ourselves through the steps we need to take. But on top of everything, self-talk helps us to author the stories of our life.

But there are a lot of ways to use language internally. The

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