When we're in a new place, we've all wondered where the bathroom is. And the automatic answer that comes to mind is: "Down the hall to your right". But this isn’t always the case. In fact, most of the time, to know where the bathroom is, we have to ask again or go and find it ourselves. This seems like a good analogy for a space where I can only give you some coordinates.

The way to it, however, you will have to discover yourself. My role is only to channel different ways of seeing and explaining how we function. I present them to you and raise questions so you can find your own answers or at the very least, start to go out and look for them.

True Love
Love -True Love- has been one of my main topics forever, but even more so since I got married last year and made the commitment, in front of my friends and family, to "Love Well". Big deal.
But what the hell is "loving well"?
Loving seems easy, natural, an effortless feeling, especially if we don't understand

I wish you bad luck

I wish you bad luck. I seriously do.

And excuse me if I sound rude or arrogant, but after reading Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts commencement speech at his son’s ninth-grade graduation (2017), it's the thing I wish you the most.



career advice

Career advice - even if it's one of the most required - is one of the hardest, and maybe, the most absurd genres to counsel. We are all so different and diverse, and so are our backgrounds and realities and expectations, that there is not such as a general career advice rule's sheet.

But if, gun to my face, I had to set up a list of the wiser and more valuable factors to take into


Radical acceptance

You can consider yourself a lucky person, but even if you have avoided (that far) huge hardship in life, at some point my friend you are going to be confronted with the fact that existence is intrinsically painful.

Human suffering has tormented philosophers from western and eastern societies, and has been analyzed by every form of religion on Earth for centuries. But this obsession on


the power of regret

That awful and scary feeling that we all suffer in silence and we can't get rid of.

Regrets suck.

We regret in the present an action (or more properly an in-action) that happened in the past, and our inability to change it drags us downward to a spiral of guilt and self punishment. But I am coming here to say that regret is too, a useful and necessary emotion, and so defends

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