Here we work together. All sessions are based on the fundamental techniques of coaching within the framework of neuroscience and the brain’s biology as well as on innovative methodologies such as Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving and Lateral Thinking, willing to optimize the change process and, at the same time, establish the basic parameters for you to integrate in your daily life.

The sessions can be face-to-face or online and conducted in Spanish, English, Catalan or French.


Getting to know each other

The first session is free. To work effectively together, the coachee and I have to feel comfortable with each other and be in tune. During the first meeting, we’ll find out if the coachee is interested in my services and my way of understanding coaching. At the same time, I’ll be able to determine if I can work with and help you or your organization.


After the initial session, we’ll decide if we want to work together. If we do, we’ll sign a collaboration and confidentiality agreement establishing the basic parameters of our coaching alliance as well as other details such as frequency of sessions, sessions format and payment method.

Exploratory session

In this session, we’ll explore the problem and analyze the coachee’s actual circumstances in order to define a concrete goal.


The next two sessions are dedicated to defining a goal that covers all the nuances of the problem. We work with a single goal in mind, the most pressing and urgent one.


Once the goal has been defined, calibrated and filtered and we have reevaluated all available options, we establish the gradual steps to be followed to reach the goal in the set time. We agree on the steps to pursue, work dynamics and the action plan defined in each session.

Coaching Completion

-The coaching sessions are established weekly (to be determined) online or face to face, depending on the coachee's preferences.

-The coaching sessions are not timed - although the average session can take between 1 and 2 hours. The session is not considered finished until the paradigm proposed for that specific working day has been resolved.

-Between sessions, coachees must devote a considerable amount of time to the agreed Action Plan. This means you will need to set aside time in your daily schedule for the development of this work.

Let's work together

Let's work together

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