The way I see it:

Frances Frei, a professor of technology and operations management at the Harvard Business School, nails it when she states that Trust is the foundation for everything we do. Reason why in her Ted talk, she makes the effort to simplify the major trust components in a very single triangle.

  • The sense of being Authentic
  • Real Rigor in our Logic
  • Empathy directed towards you

The problem comes when one of these three elements gets shaky. Trust gets immediately threatened and suddenly broken. What to do then? Start by Identifying where trust wobbles for ourselves.

Empathy is the most common wobbler as people do not usually believe that we are mostly in it for them. Here is Frances Frei's prescription: Identify when, where and to whom you are most likely to offer your distraction. That would trace perfectly to when, where and to whom you are likely to withhold your empathy. Exactly in those occasions, shake it off and immerse yourself in the other.

Logic and Rigor. She identifies two types:
a) Quality of Logic: there is no really a solution for that (sorry!)
b) Inability of communicating your Logic. The most common to get jeopardized. Get to your point first, and then provide the evidence to it.

Authenticity: As species, we can sniff out if someone is being their authentic self. The prescription will be as easy as “just be you”. But it is extremely easy to be you when you are surrounded by people like yourself. When we are not, when we feel we are different, the reactive response is to hold back and do not show who we truly are. Exactly the reason why we get fewer possibilities to get trusted.



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