you are not your thoughts

Mindfulness could be defined as awareness of your thoughts and feelings without being consumed by them. Assuming this definition, cognitive fusion might be the problem. When you infer that you are your thoughts, that this thought that's in your head is the Truth and, what's


in your head

"Thoughts determine feelings. Remember that. Make a note. Get a tattoo. This powerful idea goes back thousands of years to the Stoics".

Feelings aren’t truth incarnate.

Emotions are useful, but they are our biological suggestions, not commandments. Our brain is a pattern-recognition machine. It makes observations and starts forming rules about the world. It’s really


what a teenager brain looks like

We've always known that something was extremely weird in an adolescent brain. We have all been there (and suffered it!), and some of us have to interact with a teenager on a daily basis. I am talking about dealing with a biological teenager's brain, not with someone that's behaving like one but has long ago overcome his 20's (this is a complete different story, and an argument for a whole new


neuroscience pain

This sentence is the one that stayed with me for days, and somehow, summarises the relevance of this

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